Mod N Ice partners with A Star Foundation

We recently collaborated with a few organisations to highlight the issues of bullying and to bring awareness to the subject. A group of young adults from the local community supported the initiative by sharing their experiences about bullying in various creative ways. A-star Foundation which is a charity that is focused on delivering youth programs to educate and inspire youths in inner city areas organised the anti bullying initiative.

The event took place at a creative shop called FMM Pop Up which is situated in Croydon, South London. FMM pop up is a hub which fuses fashion music and art together under one roof, it provides a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming space for up and coming creatives to showcase their work and sell their products. The company also provides an opportunity for local youths to participate in FMM pop up creativity workshops.

We were delighted to participate at the event by creating and donating gold and diamond sets of Grillz to music artists such as ‘Ms Banks’, ‘Alone star Sheeran’ and ‘Nicholas Sinclair aka Twenny 2’ who participated and supported the event. The grillz symbolised  ‘speaking out” against bullying and the charity catchphrase which is “Hear My Voice”.  The artists shared their own touching experiences regarding bullying and encouraged anybody experiencing bullying to speak up and speak out about it.

It was was an extremely successful event, we learned from the youths that the added elements of music jewellery and art made the initiative extra cool, they felt that the extra elements made the anti bullying initiative more relatable and interesting. It was a pleasure to contribute to the anti bullying initiative and inspiring to witness the strength of the young adults who publicly communicated their experiences with bullying creatively via poetry singing and rapping.